UK Law Firm Marketing Campaignlanding_page

A UK law firm (Muldoon Britton) wanted to expand to advertise their UK immigration lawyer service in the USA and take on US clients. We set up a series of landing pages for all the different legal services they wished to provide. Then we set up Google Adwords campaigns to send targetted traffic to these landing pages. The campaign has been a success we have since started marketing other areas of the clients business using a similar strategy.

Criminal Defence Lawyer in USAryanlocke2

A criminal defence lawyer in the USA (The Locke Firm) asked us to help him generate more incoming leads. We built him a series of landing pages for all his different areas of law and set up a Google Adwords campaign to send targeted traffic to them. The client was pleased with the incoming leads and we continue to run the campaign for him.

Law Firm New Website & Marketinggroup

A law firm (Group Action Lawyers) asked for us to build them a new website and then market it. Firstly we built the new 100% responsive website for them. Then we set up a series of landing pages matched with a Google Adwords campaign and Facebook advertising. The campaign was a success and continues to generate them new clients.

Training Company Adwordsconflict

A training company (The Conflict Training Company) was wasting a lot of money in their adwords account, and not seeing a lot of business from it. We took over the management of the campaign and saw a steady increase in business for the company whilst keeping things profitable. The company continue to be impressed by the performance of the campaign..

Market Research Company Web Redesignsmr

A market research company (Social Market Research) based in Northern Ireland had an out of date website and wanted it redesigned. We delivered a new website to them with new functionality that was fully responsive. The client was very happy with their new website.

Website Migration to WordPressbluearce

A laser manufacturing company (Blueacre Technology) wanted to migrate their website from Joomla to WordPress for security reasons whilst maintaining the original look of their website. We successfully moved the website over, whilst the website looked exactly the same (clients request).

Patio Cleaning Landing Page + PPCpatio

A patio cleaning company in Belfast (Belfast Patio Cleaning) wanted to start getting new customers through the internet. We built them an attractive landing page and a targeted Google Adwords campaign. The campaign was a success and has generated many new clients for the company.

UK Law Firm Marketing CampaignMchaleandco

A law firm based in the UK (McHale & Co) wanted to generate more incoming leads. We set them up a series of landing pages for several different areas of law they worked in. Then we set up a Google Adwords campaign to send targeted visitors to the landing pages. The campaign was a success generating many new leads.

USA Autoclave Company SEO Campaign

An autoclave refurbishing company (Minnesota Autoclaves) wanted to improve their SEO presence. We ran a campaign involving fixing their on-page SEO issues and then an off-page link building campaign. The campaign has been a success and is still ongoing.

USA Film Star Email Marketing Campaigntara_ss

Film star Tara Magalski required help setting up and managing her email marketing systems for her self-improvement website Divine Lifestyles. We set up a series of landing pages for collecting sign-up information and connected them to lists within Mailchimp. Then we set up a system of automated emails that were triggered when a person signed up to the email list through the landing page. This enabled Tara to simultaneously market different ebooks and info-products whilst being confident that the right people were being sent the correct emails.

‘The Helper Bees’ Landing Page & Facebook Ad Campaignss

The Helper Bees are a Texas based start-up focusing on connecting seniors in need of care with freelance carers. To market their services, they asked us to set up a series of landing pages and then run Facebook Ads to drive traffic to them. We made use of standard Facebook & Instagram ads as well as the newly released Facebook Lead ads which proved very successful. The client is pleased and the campaign is on-going.

US Lawyers SEO Campaign

A US Law firm asked us to conduct an SEO campaign for their new website for their UK Lawyers in the US
. The campaign has focused on promoting their niche service in a competivie environment. Although the campaign is relatively young we are already seeing good levels of organic traffic coming in.

Australian Technology Company SEO Campaign

An Australian ‘Internet of Things’ Consultancy firm asked Cato Marketing to perform some search engine optimisation work on their new website. We engaged in an on-page and off-page SEO campaign and within 1 month the client was ranking in first position for some target keywords. The client’s marketing director: Stewart Brooker said: “Very Very Impressed , within the first month we had keywords ranking in page 1 and some even in the top position. Very easy to deal with as well and very patient in explaining why things were being done. Highly recommend”

Limo Company Website Redesign, SEO, Adwords and Landing Pages

A limo company in New Jersey wanted their website redesigning and then help marketing their service. We built them a brand new mobile responsive website. Then we started an SEO campaign for them, achieving 1st place in rankings for competitive keywords such as “Wedding Limo”. We also built a series of landing pages and ran a successful Adwords campaign driving traffic to them.