Law Firm Marketing

At Cato Marketing we specialise in helping law firms obtain new clients through digital marketing.

Our primary approach is a combination of landing page design and PPC management.

So firstly, we build you a landing page (think a single page website) that contains all the information about a specific law service you provide. The page also provides a bit of general content on your firm, and most importantly, a contact form.

The goal of the page is to provide all the information needed for a prospective client to decide if they want to get in contact with you or not.

If they do, they simply remain on the page and enter their details into the contact form. The details then get emailed straight to our client securely, who can then call or email the person and turn them into a paying client.

To send traffic to the landing page, we set up a Google Adwords campaign. This allows us to display ads at the top of Google search results whenever someone makes a relevant search in the targeted geographical area. When someone clicks the ad they are taken to the landing page.