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Case Study: Law Firm Sees Record Growth Using Google Ads + SEO

With our client’s (anonymised) permission, we are going to show you what a full 14 month marketing campaign looks like for one of our US law firm clients.

We will show you exactly how much we spent on ads each month, how many form submission leads and calls that generated, and how the cost-per-lead changed each month. We will also show you how our SEO efforts worked, and how this affected the clients traffic and leads from organic traffic each month. First here is a screenshot from our Google Ads marketing report:

In the picture, you will see the data from May 2019 to September 2020 has a few trends.

First, the spend slowly increases, month on month, from under $1,000 to just under $2,000. Usually our clients scale up spend faster, but this client didn’t want to spend too much too fast.

You’ll also notice over time, that whilst the number of leads increases with the spend, the cost-per-lead almost continuously get’s lower.

This is because we were marketing mostly the same services over the 14 months. So we were able to experiment, split test and make full use of the Google Ads Maximise Conversion Automated Bidding to drive the cost-per-lead (cost-per-contact on the spreadsheet) as low as possible.

In order to drive down the cost-per-lead, it was very important we tracked every possible action taken after someone had clicked an ad. So we made sure all contact forms on the website, as well as phone numbers, were properly tracked so we could measure all calls and contacts that came from the ads. Alongside the Google Ads, we were also working on the clients SEO. Below you can see our SEO report for the client:

The SEO followed a similar pattern to the paid ads, gradual but consistent improvement month over month. However unlike the aid ads, due to seasonality there were some very quiet times such as during the month of December. We achieved the SEO results for our client by working on three key areas:

  • Firstly, we worked on their on-page SEO, making sure every target keyword had it’s own dedicated page, with all on-page elements properly optimised

  • Secondly, we continually sought out and built high quality inbound links to our clients website.

  • Thirdly, we continually tracked our positions for target keywords and changed strategy when results showed our current efforts were not fruitful.

Whilst the above project was very successful, we did not have to do anything incredibly complicated to achieve it, just basic tried and tested methods.

If you would like to see if we could help your law firm achieve similar results, please click here.


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