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How Outsourcing through iWorker Helps Businesses Become More Efficient

Today, it is more challenging than ever to stay on top of the demands of marketing any business. When you’re facing potential overwhelm, having a helping hand can be a saving grace and outsourcing is one of the most efficient ways to get the help you need. There are numerous benefits of outsourcing talent rather than having existing employees or new hires handle certain types of tasks. Best of all, these advantages can translate into giving your company a competitive edge, even if you have limited time and resources.

Outsourcing saves lots of time

Think of the traditional recruitment process and you’re likely to feel a groan coming on. It can be a pain. Nobody enjoys wading through tons of applications and setting aside time to review the shortlisted candidates. Worse yet if you have time-sensitive projects coming down the pipeline and you want to get them moving quickly.

Rather than subjecting yourself to this cumbersome recruitment process, followed by a period of training, you might want to consider using an outsourcing agency to connect you with skilled professionals who can jump right in and get to work.

What’s more, you no longer have to spend time implementing or keeping abreast of tasks that could be delegated to someone else.

You’ll save money when you outsource

When you choose to outsource work rather than hire a new employee you will inevitably lower your expenses. The recruitment process is not only time consuming, but it can also be expensive. It doesn’t end there. After you have your new hire in place, there’s also the overhead cost of the equipment and infrastructure an employee needs to use in your office. You eliminate that cost altogether by going the outsourcing route.

Then there’s the salary you’d pay to a local employee versus the going rate for the same services in other parts of the world. You can pay an outsourced professional a fair wage by the standards of the country they live in yet save some of the money you would have paid to a salaried employee in your city.

You get the support you need to focus on business growth

Possibly the biggest benefit of delegating work to outsourced talent is finally having the time and a clear head to pay attention to scaling your business. When you’re on the treadmill of being constantly busy with tedious tasks, it leaves little time and mental energy to work on your business strategy.

With the peace of mind that comes from handing off pesky tasks to a competent professional, you can step back and look at the big picture. Often, the way forward becomes crystal clear and you can redirect some of the time and money you’ve saved to business-building projects. In many cases, outsourcing is the game-changer you needed all along to efficiently grow your business.

A recommendation for you

The best outsourcing scenario provides a win for both the client and the worker. iWorker makes this possible. This socially-focused outsourcing agency hires skilled remote professionals, primarily from countries in crisis, and connects them with business owners around the world, providing support to help them scale their businesses.

Why iWorker?

iWorker’s mission is to provide English-speaking professionals in countries of crisis, like Venezuela, with stable online work opportunities.

Many Venezuelans struggle to find jobs both in their home country and in a new country if they decide to migrate elsewhere looking for opportunities. However, having online work helps them to build up savings and generate stability for themselves and their families. Financial security can be hard to come by in some of these countries, particularly where corruption, inflation, and crime are endemic, and iWorker’s promise of steady online work provides critical opportunities for the several hundred workers in their hiring pool.

Unlike most freelancing alternatives, iWorker sets out to line up their workers with stable work. When a worker wants to increase their hours, iWorker can usually connect them with a new client in less than a week.

This also reduces the pressure many workers feel in countries in crisis to migrate abroad in a search of new opportunities. Now they have the opportunity to stay with their families and make a living working online from their own country.

In addition, working from home allows many workers in Venezuela (and other unstable countries that iWorker hires from) to stay safe rather than having to commute to a job in areas rife with crime.

Since 2018, iWorker has had an impact on the lives of over 1,000 Venezuelans. Nearly 60% of their workforce from Venezuela are women, and this is not by accident. The empowerment of women is one of iWorker’s major goals. In its recruitment search, the company specifically seeks out talented Venezuelan women to become part of its workforce.

iWorker has recently expanded its talent pool to include workers from other countries that are facing dire economic challenges as well. Their aim in doing so is to provide more workers with opportunities to improve their lives, support their families, and achieve economic stability.

Hiring one of iWorker’s remote professionals can prove to be a great decision for business owners who want to find specific skilled help with day-to-day tasks. And, thanks to the employment provided, it can be life-changing for the worker who is hired, too.

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