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How to Market a Law Firm Online: 5 Tips

The legal industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Lawyers are competing with each other and law firms are trying to find ways to stand out among their competitors. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 tips that will help you market your law firm online so that you can get more clients!

1: Use Google Maps / Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to share your law firm with the world.

Use Google Maps to list your law firm’s location. It includes a lot of information like hours, phone number and website. This will help people find your business easily when they are searching for it in the future!

2: Display Your Law Firms Services On Your Website

This is a really important step that many law firms are overlooking. You must have a dedicated page for every legal service you wish to promote.

Listing some of the top legal cases you’ve won can also be helpful to show that you have experience in the field. People will feel more confident hiring a firm who has been successful at what they do before!

3: Build Links To Your Law Firm Website

One of the most important metrics Google uses to decide how high to rank a website is the number (and quality) of links to that website from other websites.

One way to get a link back is to publish articles on other websites. Posting blog posts or information about your law firm can be an excellent opportunity for you and the site owner to build links back to each other’s sites!

Another great idea is submitting your website to legal directories, business directories and similar sites. These links are often free to create.

4: Use Google Ads to Promote Your Website

Use Google ads so that when a person searches for a law firm or legal service in your area, an ad for your law firm shows at the top of Google.

This is an excellent way to get high visibility in local searches.

However, be aware that this service costs money and you will need to pay Google a small amount every time someone clicks your ad.

5: Create YouTube Videos on Legal Topics

If you feel comfortable in front of a camera, consider creating Youtube videos on legal topics.

Include your law-related keyword in the title of the video and include it as many times throughout the text of the description to boost your ranking for that term!

You don’t need a fancy set up, just a nice backdrop, good lighting, and a mobile phone on a tripod is enough to start with!


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