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How to run Google Ads for a Law Firm!

Google Ads presents a great opportunity for a range of businesses—precise targeting, controlled costs, and wide reach are just a few of the benefits.

For law firms, Google Ads can generate leads quickly and without high costs. However, they also face a number of challenges. This is a competitive space, and law-related keywords are usually set at an expensive price per click. Finding high-quality leads means being precise in targeting efforts whilst being careful with budget.

In this guide, we explore how law firms can run Google Ads exploring search campaigns, dynamic search campaigns, performance max campaigns and discovery campaigns as well as giving examples of lead generation in specific areas such as personal injury and business law.

Search campaigns

Search campaigns are text-based ads that are placed in the results for searches relevant to your service. They’re a great way to direct leads towards your site; from here, you can capture them in a form or book them in for a phone call.

Most often, these ads will be used on people who are looking for your service already and searching, for example, for a “solicitor in London.” However, if you’re looking for form entries rather than qualified leads, you can also target people who are simply looking for information, for example about “how to file for divorce.” Be sure to match up your content to the search intent of the query you target.

The challenge for law firms is competing with others in the space and the key to meeting search intent is to get as precise as possible. Long-tail keywords (specific keywords of usually few words, for example, “divorce lawyers in London”) provide a cost-efficient way to find the right audience.

From here, on both the landing page and in your ad description, you need to make the benefits of your offering clear. You can also exclude “negative keywords” to prevent your ad from being shown to people with irrelevant searches.

Dynamic search campaigns

Described as “the easiest way to find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer,” dynamic search ads are perfect for lawyers looking for direct leads. When someone searches for words related to those you’ve included in your website, Google Ads matches them up with your ad.

Dynamic ads use information from your website to optimize your campaign and fill in keyword gaps. For this reason, the content on your website needs to be high quality, comprehensive and SEO-covered in order to ensure success.

Once you’ve set up your web content, dynamic search campaigns are a relatively straightforward type of campaign. You can easily find customers who are making searches without the terminology they need. For example, someone searching for “head injury legal advice” might be matched up with your page about “personal injury claims.”

Though this releases you of the need to know any potential search your audience could make, you will still need to focus on targeting precise keywords. This will ensure that your headlines (which are automatically generated) match up to search results.

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max Campaigns are set up based on a conversion-based objective that you choose. Law firms will most likely pay per number of leads generated as opposed to the number of sales. Google will then choose the optimal ad type automatically and in real-time. These ads might be displayed as display ads, search ads, map ads and more.

You will still have to select the locations that you want to advertise to; it is always best, as a law firm, to hone in on a particular area. If you operate in multiple locations, separate these into different campaigns so you can target as accurately as possible.

Discovery Campaigns Google’s discovery ads are visually rich campaigns that are intended to find audiences right as they are ready to discover new services. Displayed on YouTube, Gmail and Google Search as image-based ads, they’re very easy to set up so long as you have an eye-catching, brand-boosting image.

You simply need to create an image that strongly presents your brand, then choose your geographic targeting, budget and bidding strategy. A business law firm, for example, might establish its firm as trustworthy and established by using imagery that connotes a long history of practice.

Google Ads in the legal industry:

For optimal results with your Google Ads, it’s best to use a marketing agency such as Cato Marketing. We handle everything from keyword research to ad setup and optimization to ensure that you generate as many high-quality leads as possible.

Our up-to-date knowledge of both the market and Google ads ensures that you can remain ahead of your competitors.

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