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June 2021: The new Core Web Vitals update could have a huge impact on Google search rankings

Not long left now for Google’s latest update on the Core Web Vitals. The update is said to roll out in June 2021 and is already a hot topic of discussion in the digital marketing world.

As you all might already know, Core Web Vitals is a Google initiative designed to improve the online user experience. Instead of focusing on general metrics such as how long it takes to load your entire website, Core Web Vitals focuses more on how your site performance relates to the user experience.

Will the new Core Web Vitals update impact your SEO? Yes it will.

Core Web Vitals metrics will have a real impact on your website’s search performance, especially if you try to get your content as high as possible on Google. Google has also stated that Core Web Vitals will affect both mobile and desktop results, whether or not your site ranks high in searches.

A recent SEO research suggests that many of the most popular websites barely pass Google’s minimum requirements for a ‘good’ website experience. According to Searchmetrics data, over 90% of sites in mobile searches and 96% of those in desktop searches currently fail to meet Google’s three Core Web Vitals usability thresholds. Searchmetrics predicts the Core Web Vitals update will have a dramatic influence on page rankings.

The Google Core Web Vitals update is in many ways a response to websites not really living up to user expectations. It’s a clear message to website owners that not putting users first may have a negative effect on rankings,” Marus Tober, Founder of Searchmetrics

According to Google, very good and useful content will continue to play a leading role in rankings in its organic results. This means that a website with quality content will continue to appear in Google searches and rank high.

However, between two websites that have similar quality content, the one that will offer a better overall experience to the visitor will appear higher.

While Core Web Vitals is not currently an SEO ranking factor, Google will add it as a ranking factor with the June 2021 update, so start optimizing now!


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