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The Secret Reason Google Suspends New Ad Accounts & How To Get Them Restored / Unbanned

It's a problem almost every Google Ads agency and new advertiser has to deal with: When Google suspends your new ad account.

Above: two of the most common suspension warnings for new accounts

Even if your business and ad account are totally legitimate, your account can be banned within days of opening it, and you are left puzzled what to do. Why did Google ban the account? How can you get it unbanned?

Secret Insider Information: Why Google Bans New Accounts

Here you can see insider information from the Google Ads forums giving special insight into why exactly Google bans certain new accounts:

As the above screenshot explains, it's al

l to do with 'digital signals'. Google see's that your personal details do not match your billing details and it trips an auto-alert.

How to Get Google Ads Account Unbanned?

As in the above screenshot, and from our experience, you must fill in this form.

You should also make sure all the data in your Google Ads account is correct, that the card is in the same name as the user account, ideally the addresses should also match. Don't use the card in someone else's name.

Then fill out the form, make it detailed and professional. Explain how you have had your website checked and it all works as it should, it has privacy policy, legal terms etc. You are the legitimate owner of Business Name Ltd. and the card connected is your card in your name. Ask Google to lift the ban. Then, if they don't reply or their reply is not useful, fill in the form again. Do this every 1-2 days until you get unbanned. From surveying other agency owners it can sometimes take from 1 week to 5 weeks to get unbanned. If you have an agency representative at Google you should also ask for their help.

Politely but continually raise the issue with Google until you get unbanned or given actionable steps you can take to fix the issue. Do not violate any of Googles terms of policies or rules.


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